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Water Systems

The Regional Water System is working continuously to ensure adequate water supply for its residents.

Bay Bulls Big Pond Water Treatment Plant

Bay Bulls Big Pond Water Treatment Plant

Bay Bulls Big Pond (BBBP) provides the entire water supply for Mount Pearl, Paradise, Conception Bay South, and Portugal Cove St. Phillip's, and a large portion of the water supply for St. John's. The rest of St. John's supply is provided by Windsor Lake, which is managed solely by the City of St. John's.

The City of St. John's owns and operates the BBBP Water Treatment Plant and transmission facilities. However, under Provincial legislation, the provision of water to other municipalities in the region has been designated as a regional service.

Water is treated at Bay Bulls Big Pond using a multi-barrier approach:

Multi-Barrier Water Treatment Approach

A total of $58 million has been invested since 2002 to improve infrastructure at the Bay Bulls Big Pond Water Treatment Plant.

Petty Harbour Long Pond

Petty Harbour Long Pond Water Treatment Facility

Construction has begun on a new multi-million dollar treatment plant to bring Petty Harbour Long Pond on-stream in 2013 to serve the residents of St. John's. This will reduce demand on Bay Bulls Big Pond.

Broad Cove River

Broad Cove River has also been identified as an additional future source. It is currently being protected through the control of new development.