- Water Conversation Happens One Drop at a Time

Why Conserve?

Environment Canada reports that each Canadian uses about 329 litres of water each day. To put it in relatable terms, this is equivalent to every person in Canada going through almost 165 two-litre pop bottles of water every single day. Newfoundland and Labrador is no different. Even though our province is surrounded by water and is rife with freshwater ponds and rivers, we must recognize that there is a finite supply of water.

The water we drink undergoes a rigorous treatment process before it can be made available in our taps. Every bit of water must be treated, and that takes money and time; it takes approximately four hours to make raw water potable at the Bay Bulls Big Pond Treatment Plant. And water can travel between three and forty kilometers before it gets to your tap, depending on where you live.

Using water is the same as using any other utility, and we must consider being more efficient with our water supply. Reduced supply can lead to more than just inconvenience - it could comprise essential services, such as fire protection. If everyone saves a drop, it will make a big difference!